Destiny: Bungie Talks Gear Trading System During Livestream

Self-promotion should be thoughtful, limited, and consistently well received by the community. For examples, see our wiki. Just leave it out. I am over the age of AGE. Initially, Bungie didn't want players to trade , but it seems there are rumors around that says we will soon be able to. That would be like saying you can delete a file from the internet by closing your web browser as you're downloading it.

People have enough complaints about the loot system, and if anything the way or amount of items are dropped should be changed. A trading system would lead to a poor experience with the game due to leveling up and then reciveing all or a portion of the gear you could work for for free.

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The closest thing the original Destiny had to loot trading was the ability to store items in your vault and transfer them to your other characters. But will we see it? If getting more powerful gear remains a focus of the game, that's exponentially less likely. Hopefully we'll have more insight into what's in store for Destiny 2 's gear system and story — and how they'll interact — later this summer when the beta opens up.

Additionally, you can check out the new Supers being added to the game, some details behind guided games and the new Crucible changes as well.

Finally, you can check out our ongoing coverage of the beta here. Could we see loot and gear trades in the new game? What it would mean for the game The closest thing the original Destiny had to loot trading was the ability to store items in your vault and transfer them to your other characters.

Related stories by this author. Everything we know about the Fallen in 'Destiny 2' May 23, Does anybody know the answer to this question? Comment Reply Start Topic. Bungie will never institute trading. They call in game "play" but it involves actual effort and WORK, plus hundreds of hours of time, tick tock tick tock Better off sellling your entire account and password on ebay and starting a new one.

I'll sell mine for Glimmer is limited, but maybe add a bank, with no cap for the big traders. Trade anything for Glimmer, up to 1m per item. I do patrol missions and usually have a good quantity of Glimmer on hand, but nowhere to spend it. Also, a weapon modding system would be nice.. Since every other FPS has one.. For example, sights, grips, suppressors, and camouflage. It's already implemented in a sort of twisted way sight mods but I'd like the gunsmith to mod guns..

This kinda went a little off track. I'm with u and watch Thais video http: They said there will be no trade system which I think there should be. They say you worked so hard for thing why trade them then the other person didn't work for it. Well I think it's our item can't we do what we want with it. Make it where we can trade a certain amount of times and only with clan members or friends.

The answer is yes. Bungie officially stated that you can trade ammunition with the enemies for the items they may have on them Edit: I posted this on the 22nd of December and my phone buzzes almost every day still to this day about a random like lol. Edited by joey big guns: I think maybe trading rewards directly after the chest spawns in a raid or only during the rewards screen in nightfalls would be a good way to go. That way you both actually earned the gear at the same time with the same effort.

The closest thing I can see to trading is with materials and currencies. They really need a trading system of some kind. It will only add to the game and improve the game's life span. I know some of you fear that a player will get stuff with out working for it but that is a minor worry.

I worked hard for my stuff and if I want to give an item to a friend I should be free to do so. I have 3 of the same exotic weapon! I don't need or want the extra 2. Yeah that's just what I need, to break down an exotic for more crap I don't need or want! One way or another the person getting it had to work for it.

Yes even the person spending their money on Ebay to get stuff. Also I'm sure Bungie could limit the number of trades you could do each week to help avoid that. I own this game thanks to selling items from another game! Paid for my copy of the game and the dlc pass plus a copy for my friend. Try not to get to a high level or play the game at all or you're going to start getting raid invites and we all know how that will ruin your gaming experience.

Bungie could make it to where you could only trade with friends and that would be good enough for me. I'll start getting a bunch of friend requests and I can't deal with that!

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It would massively help with the frustration of getting your third or fourth vex, only needing one exotic, while others still don't have it after numerous raid clears. Just to be clear - NO, destiny doesn't currently have trading. It'd be nice for Bungie to add it though. Sep 09,  · Destiny community member Gothalion said a item trading system could diminish the appeal of Destiny's endgame if players could freely swap items between one another. Barrett said he agreed. But while he wouldn't personally like to see player trading in Destiny, he says the team internally at Bungie is divided on the subject, noting that Ratings: K. Item trading is not something that all MMOs, or MMO-like experiences, allow, but it’s one that most players of said games have requested. Destiny is no different; many players regularly request item trading to either share some of their exotic gear wealth, or simply to help their lower level friends get a head start.


Destiny 2: Trading in Destiny? Destiny 2: Trading in Destiny? Destiny 2 Tracker Network. Recent Players. Overwatch Tracker Battlefield Tracker Halo Tracker Rocket League Tracker The Division Tracker CS:GO Tracker For Honor Tracker PUBG Tracker Anthem Tracker Rainbow 6 Siege Tracker Fortnite Tracker. More. Login / Register. is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers. there is also a tax on trading for plat, 1 plat: creds. what the problem in destiny would be that if you find a god roll or lets say trials of Osiris items, people would be selling them for real money or expensive items.

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