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Prasad Reply Dear Mr. As I am retired and did trading online, I did not claim expenses. It will be great. We really appreciate your for taking time to share your thoughts.. I was planning to trade in Forex but still i have to invastigate it.

Day trading taxes in India can be a minefield. Rules vary depending on how your trading activity is classed and what it is you’re trading, be it stocks, forex, or options.

For Over-the-Counter (OTC) Investors

What about Advance Tax for Salaried? If you are salaried, you need not pay advance tax on your salary income as your employer deducts tax at source TDS from your salary regularly and pay it in advance to the government. But if you have any other income apart from salary then you are required to take care of your advance tax laibility.

So, any income from capital gains on shares or house property, interest on fixed deposits are required to be included and advance tax is required to be paid after adjusting for expenses or losses, if any. Can we choose the tax only at the end of the year as it is difficult to estimate the earning from trading? For deferment of advance tax. The said interest is levied 0.

If you are a salaried person, then profits from derivatives will be added to your salary income and will be taxed according to your tax slabs. While on the other hand, losses from derivatives trading cannot be offset against the salary income but can be offset against any business income in next 8 years. Any individual trader carrying out trading activity be it long, short or day term are obligated under the income tax law to file their returns before July 31 This year the date is extended to September 7, and it is September 30th for companies.

In case your turnover exceeds Rs. Under section B, failure to submit the tax audit in time has a penalty of 0. So, for any expenses you mention maintain the supporting documents for any future reference. STT, or Securities Transaction Tax , is a tax levied on securities trades excluding commodities or currency trades.

If the trade is a equity delivery trade, than a tax of 0. However, if the trade is squared off closed within the same trading day, meaning it is a intra-day transaction, then the STT rate applicable is 0. Can we deduct long term capital loss from stocks with business income for computing income tax?

No, we cannot net off the long term losses against any income or gains. Can we carry forward the losses if not filed in the financial year? To get the benefit of carry forwarding the losses, it has to be filed in your income tax before the due dates for the financial year to get any benefit.

Otherwise, you cannot claim the benefit. Taxation for Traders in India. Please note that all the information shared is solely for the general information purpose only. No information, views, opinions or examples constitute a solicitation or offer by JustTrading. This very neat and thanks for the info. I mostly take delivery and have done some 10 times Intraday made about not more than Rs.

Can I declare myself Investor. Dear Sudhakar Income tax regulations had wide aspects to classify your trading activity as Business or Investment. Income below taxable limit. Still I received notices asking why I have not submitted returns for past 2 years. Please help in providing some ITR4 specimen for stock market traders….. Suppose as per portfolio position from backoffice I have: I dont now why it is required.

So I think this is to be ignored and is to be taken as opening stock. So I think this is to be ignored and is to be taken as closing stock. Please help me with sample ITR 4 for this data. The first thing we need to evaluate is the profit or loss you had on your trading activity separately for long term, short term and speculative. As your turnover is less than 1 crores and your total income is below the taxable limit of Rs. All the intraday profits should be shown under speculative business income while all short term equity delivery profits under capital gains head.

So, it is advisable to file the same with the help of a CA so that you remain consistent with your future tax returns. My income below taxable limit. Still I received notice asking why I have not submitted returns past 3years.

Because my income laser than one lack all sources. My portfolio about 2lakh 70thousand. I have loss in 20y in day trading about My day volume buy and sell total is 50lack.

Can i file income tax this year? Please give me advice. Income tax compliance is getting very strict these days.

So all the traders or investors participating in the market are required to file their tax returns even if the total income is below tax limit. As per law, Electronic filing of income tax return is mandatory for the taxpayer if the total income is more than Rs. Even many of the traders we are connected with are getting notices for non-filling of income tax returns. Can I calculate turnover for these like Equity trading or only capital gains tax applicable for these.

But any dividend received from liquidbees are tax free as they are taxed in the hands of the companies and not the investors. The article is highly informative and has been written in a lucid manner. The language is simple and very expressive. The examples added are making the points crystal clear with out any ambiguity.

Indeed an excellent article. By the by, I need to have a copy of the said article. How do I get the same? Will you please email me to my id. Thanks for your great words. Will share with you the copy of the updated article on your email once the union budget is out this month end.

We really appreciate your for taking time to share your thoughts.. Kudos to your team for explaining a complex issue so easily. Please mail a copy of the updated article. Thanks Yatin for taking your time for sending us your wonderful words.

We are really happy to hear the positive outcomes of our heart full efforts and initiative to help traders across to be independent and learn the skill of trading. Really motivating for us. So, we will try to find some solution to deal with requests and to serve you all in a better way. Also, we are very happy to connect with the traders like you. Please let us know if you have any further questions; We are more than happy to help.

As there are many technicalities regarding taxation, We advice you to consult a Professional Chartered Accountant who can look into your individual accounts and get the taxation requirements completed as per the laws. I have received the below mentioned notice first time on 14th June by post.

Compliance Module on the e-filling portal at https: Now this time when my college final project is on my head this income tax notice I have to reply as priority on price the loss of my study. Now the question is about non -filling first I was totally unaware about this.

So I decided myself to stop this way and priority focus on my study. So for earning job in I was doing share trading through broker as full time speculation, day trading and short term delivery.

In between I have start study full time and get admission in college July We can understand the situation you are in right now. You can deal with the notice by stating them online your reason for non-filling of income tax return as we are not the only one getting the notices. IT department has send notices to almost 50 lacs for non-filling of return for assessment year So, any individual who have made transactions in stocks under the below heads and have not filled tax returns are getting the tax notices — STT Your are not logged in.

Alternatively, you can log in using: Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. Home Forum Income Tax Tax queries. Please help me out.

On 20 October I heard that it is illigal in India. I was planning to trade in Forex but still i have to invastigate it. On 21 October The main benefit of this tax treatment is loss protection. If you experience net losses through your year-end trading, being categorized as a " trader" serves as a large benefit.

Now comes the tricky part: You have to decide before January 1 of the trading year. IRC contracts are simpler than IRC contracts in that the tax rate remains constant for both gains and losses — an ideal situation for losses.

The most significant difference between the two is that of anticipated gains and losses. At most accounting firms you will be subject to contracts if you are a spot trader and contracts if you are a futures trader. The key factor is talking with your accountant before investing.

Once you begin trading you cannot switch from to or vice versa. Most traders will anticipate net gains why else trade? To opt out of a status you need to make an internal note in your books as well as file with your accountant.

This complication intensifies if you trade stocks as well as currencies.

Pros & Cons Of Business Income Tax

Is income from forex trading taxable in India? Update Cancel. ad by Profits Run. Yes you have to pay tax for the money that you earn from forex trade to Indian goverment in the name of capital gain tax which is 30%. If you earn about 5lakh from forex market then you have to pay about lakh as tax. Are forex trading profits taxable in. This is the most common way that forex traders file forex profits. Under this tax treatment, 60% of total capital gains are taxed at 15% and the remaining 40% of total capital gains are taxed at your current income tax bracket, which could currently be as high as 35%. Oct 21,  · Hello Experts I am having the confusion that if i earn income from Forex Trading in India under which head my income would be taxable and what would be the tax. The export sales are different from it IN export sale the profit/loss is not depends on forex rate exchange fluctuation is just matter of chance where as in forex trading the.


The Government has prescribed 2 methods for the computation of Service Tax on Foreign Exchange, and the service provider is free to choose any method for the computation of Service Tax on Forex . Part VIII – Getting Started With Trading – Tax Guide for Traders in India Short Note for Taxation for Short Term Investing In India #1. Profits or Losses from short term investments will be treated as short term capital gain or loss. I just saw your article on Getting started with Trading – Tax Guide – . Trading forex is all about capitalizing on opportunities and increasing profit margins, so a wise trader will do the same when it comes to taxes. Whether you are planning on making forex a career.

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