Related Diversification

Sam Ashe-Edmunds has been writing and lecturing for decades. For example, if you are a commercial printer and you add basic graphic design services and packaging services to your product line, you will have a leveraged diversification opportunity. He also argues that downstream vertical integration in the pharmaceutical industry will the participating companies acquire a competitive advantage through easier and earlier access to their target markets, such as HMOs. Related Diversification Related Diversification is the most popular distinction between the different types of diversification and is made with regard to how close the field of diversification is to the field of the existing business activities. Used by companies whose business model is based on using their technology to innovate new kinds of products and enter related industries. Greenmail, a spin on the term blackmail, began when unions began top-down organizing to encourage a pre-hire agreement that allows exclusive union representative of employees through leveraging environmental laws that can slow or impede operations. Finally, the text needed to give more concrete how-to steps.

A corporate-level strategy that is based on the goal of establishing a business unit in a new industry that is related to a company's existing business units by some form of commonality or linkage between their value chain functions.


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Related Diversification A corporate level strategy that is based on the goal of establishing a business unit in a new industry that is related to a company’s existing business units by some linkage between the value chain functions of the existing and new business units. A business owner needs to consider efficient diversification strategies to build a competitive advantage, to achieve economies of scale or scope, and/or to take advantage of a financial opportunity that aligns with the business' strategic plan. Related vs. Unrelated Strategies As you consider diversifying, decide if you want to stay in a related business or go into a completely different market. Staying within your market lets you use your contacts, brand and customer base, such as a pet sitter offering grooming services.


Essay on Corporate Level Strategy of Apple Words | 5 Pages. CORPORATE LEVEL STRATEGY OF APPLE COMPUTER INC. Low level of diversification () To examine what strategies have been used by Apple, we divided the period into two ages. Chapter 10—Corporate-Level Strategy: Related and Unrelated Diversification TRUE/FALSE 1. Diversification is the process of a company entering new industries distinct from its core industry, using a multibusiness model%(74). Mar 30,  · Diversification is key to determining which businesses to get involved in, whether they are related through their ability to leverage core competencies and shared activities to enter a different business or unrelated.

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