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There is most definitely a vagary to what is mentioned on the form and even to Cyrox himself. In contrast to you it's been a long time since i left demo mode, every kid can post polished demo trading results, and the same would go into defense mode when someone speaks out the truth. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Most people, just in every aspect of life, come seeking guidance in the form of definitive rules due to their inability to operate beyond the known and the past. You can attend one of our hands-on workshops in Mississauga and learn to become a very successful spot forex Algorithmic trader I am programming presently a very promising Debbie Does Dallas indicator SydneyForm Sep 14, at 9:

--Gain the Edge by Trading Real-Time EASRON (Rainbow) --Access Market Info Anywhere Anytime on Multiple Devices --Learn to Scalp Spot Forex Market in a very Short Period of Time --Increase your Trading Success with EASRON Scalping Model. In order for every market to function - majority of the participants must lose.

Cyrox Simple Scalping 3

Sep 24, Messages: Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for cyrox. Jan 18, Messages: There is no proof of live trading here; just some fancy charts are shown bluff. Jan 20, Messages: While I am not denying that you are a technical analyst, if you find yourself unable to believe what Cyrox, or Cyrox members are saying - even when real-hard results are posted up online, then by all means, it's not Cyrox, but yourself. You are a failure in your profession. Anyone can be a technical analyst, but not everybody can be a successful one, and that reason is yourself.

Jan 29, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet. Administrator Sep 11, at Administrator Sep 10, at Administrator Sep 7, Administrator Sep 5, Administrator Sep 3, Sive Morten Aug 24, Sive Morten Sep 14, at 3: Sive Morten Aug 31, This integrity spills over into the world of Forex as well.

His teachings, products and willingness to help are more than any other I have seen. I have very close friends that are less willing to share the inner workings of the trading industry than LT. With a nominal fee, you open the door to a deep knowledge pool that he continually shares.

I feel fortunate to have discovered him on the 'Net and to have had the pleasure of meeting him several times for workshops. I will follow his teachings and be loyal for days and years to come. Those who are trash talking have no clue what they're talking about and would alter their stance if they spent a few hours with him and truly listened and applied his methodology to trading.

Honestly, trading has risk and if not approached carefully it will sting you but you can't blame LT if your account margins because you didn't practice good money management.

Trollman is a great guy and a very special friend to me. He makes you work for it, because he knows that you will never learn if you don't practice, practice, practice.. Just follow the drills Get a plan and stick to it..

Reason being, now everybody who knows me and that is a lot will know what I am really using. For those reading this who do not know me, here is a little back ground. I started trading futures back in late I quit trading futures in to trade ForEx only. And life is good. My education is extensive and has not come cheap. So I guard my knowledge now. I had my way of trading already that worked, but this Cyrox was the icing on the cake. It took my trading from "good" to "WTF!

Trollman is consistantly working to keep up with the changing markets and their movements and does a great job. Now for getting some things clear. And as far as the rest of your posting, you need to understand that "everybody" can't trade. I know that may be hard for you to hear, but it might be true. It says a lot about you. A few years ago, this site was no exception. Now, I hope we got all that understood. For anybody looking to make money trading in the ForEx market, go to Cyrox.

I have been around the block enough to know what software is real and what isn't, and sadly most is BS.. I wasted my time on the forex buy this The best thing about cyrox is that you can create your own style and nobody can't copy your style or even determine how you trade I've been trading cyrox method for three years and have survived all market conditions, very successfully hehe Most people, just in every aspect of life, come seeking guidance in the form of definitive rules due to their inability to operate beyond the known and the past.

I have been involved with Cyrox for over 4 years and it has been life changing journey. There is most definitely a vagary to what is mentioned on the form and even to Cyrox himself. However, you can never truly understand anything in this world through the thoughts of another, anything less is merely a recital of memory, operating in the past which is how most people live their lives.

Cyrox provides a foundation, the rest is up to you. If you want someone to tell you place trade here, stop here, go to the toilet at this time then please continue on your journey elsewhere.

I say this with no ego and the best of intentions, but trading has afforded me great success and my involvement with Cyrox was instrumental. Reached k in following Cyrox method I was there and you just wasted time looking around in the room Are you sure you looked correctly on the screen?

I did my homework well wih focused mind and now i enjoy my k's path, while i look at the show of some leecher who is still blaming here and there with no sense speaking.

Life is short for leechers. I follow this method by years and it is just the only one which gives me money on the Forex market. You don't need any other knowledge to trade successfully. There are no contradictions and clear blueprints with rules are provided and ratio for both models given to avoid margin calls - and both models have clear stop-loss defined Cyrox traders call this as coffee money Nothing left to discretion It is originated from high frequency trading algorithm Those who did not understand the method or algorithm can attend a free webinar or workshop What else you need?

You must be a very talented guy and learned day trading yourself in a few months If that works against algorithms in the current market even my dog will trade and make millions All banks should hire you as a trader Are you making money or fooling around and trolling the forums Even if you would have paid a few minutes attention to the workshop material - you would know that the method was not based on lagging indicators your slope indicator or CCI - I do not know who created slope indicator - CCI go to woodie Scalping is all about high frequency trading algorithms - get a clue


Aug 26,  · GPS robot tripled the $k deposit [live proof] I just finished a webinar with Mark and his partner, Antony, two days ago and it was GREAT. During the webinar MARK and ANTONY shared their secrets to success and answered questions about their new release of the GPS Forex Robot that is coming out TODAY!. Reply Delete. Linuxtroll now offers a paid subscription service & an updated scalping strategy. This can be obtained at Review. I tried in for 4 full months, testing out both the scalping and longer term methods. There is definitely potential there for people who’s personality matches his. Cyrox Scalping cause becoming, right now everyone that understands me personally (and that’s a lot) may understand what I’m truly utilizing. For all those scanning this that don’t know me personally, this is a small background. .


Dec 20,  · Dr C Winson invented a simple, fast and effective spot forex trading tool and technique. EASRON allows you to take advantage of spot forex market opportunities with speed and confidence. EASRON Scalping technique based on our frequency and information security research helps many spot forex traders. For anybody looking to make money trading in the ForEx market, go to and you will be glad you did, BUT ONLY if you are serious. If you are just tire kicking or screwing around because you have free time on your hands, don’t waste Trollmans time. Cyrox Simple Scalping 3 Download, NinjaTrader® is the preferred active trader platform for traders worldwide including our clients.

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