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The major neckline is still a support so we do not have a sell signal but in the same time, the line connecting the top of the head and the right shoulder is also intact. Trading the Economic Calendar. The Euro rallied during Monday trading, and then pressed the 1. Whether a novice trader or an experienced trader. Darius Control Your Emotion 5 minutes ago. Are you mario sir? You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The eur of both forexpros will be displayed in a same table, with the percentage of deviation in the left vertical axis. The starting point of both lines is zero. You can edit the color and weight of each currency.

EUR/USD Discussions

Brijesh Kukreja Sep 10, 9: Wow NZ dollar how worthless you could be!! Zsofia Olah Sep 10, 1: Maybe a dovish ECB could bring some downward movement Or is that not possible?

Syed reyan Haider Sep 07, 6: Brijesh Kukreja Sep 07, 6: This will go down probably in 2 months. Herman Ong Sep 07, 6: What else is there to do them. Zsofia Olah Sep 05, 1: I need 30 pips more down Wishing a nice day and good luck to everyone! Zsofia Olah Sep 05, Is a 40 pip correction from this point possible??

Demon Dark Sep 04, 8: Will it keep go up til? Brijesh Kukreja Sep 04, 8: It looks like NZ will go down in toilet. Herman Ong Sep 04, 8: TradingSimple Sep 04, 8: Toppu Kekko Sep 04, 1: You really think technical analysis works? It can't predict major upbreaks, it fails everytime, yet you still believe in it. I mean, come on. Zsofia Olah Sep 04, 7: Daily RSI quite overbought about Does that mean nothing for this pair? Brijesh Kukreja Sep 04, 7: Darius Control Your Emotion Sep 03, 5: Forex Guru Sep 03, 5: You trade this too?

I have a buy signal. Syed reyan Haider Sep 03, 2: Sell now big down coming. Erfort Kuke Sep 03, 2: Brijesh Kukreja Sep 03, 2: Is this the curse of nzd not going up?? I mean nzd losing strength. Brijesh Kukreja Sep 02, God really needs to come and defend NZ now!! Do you believe this will hit 1. Herman Ong Sep 02, It been up trend for so long, it should be reversing soon but dunno when!

This is not planning big to come down.. Brijesh Kukreja Sep 02, 9: Nobody would even buy for free since it will be available for free! Ping Ping Sep 02, 9: Forex Student Aug 31, Hope so new D1 candle will be baby bear to mighty bear King. Brijesh Kukreja Aug 31, Ahmed Saiful Aug 30, 5: Bull sign next right.

Brijesh Kukreja Aug 29, The Truth has been told. Please note that all comments are pending until approved by our moderators. It may therefore take some time before it appears on our website. All Comments Streaming comments. Fuel For Forex 1 minute ago. This comment has already been saved in your Saved Items.

What do you see? Darius Control Your Emotion 8 minutes ago. Ziaulhaq Noori 25 minutes ago. Darius Control Your Emotion 24 minutes ago. OC Mogase 8 minutes ago. I'm fairly new here and have lost quite a considerable amount of money here on forex but with your graphs I was able to get some back.

How else does one get to see your graphs or analysis? Darius Control Your Emotion 5 minutes ago. Darius Control Your Emotion 49 minutes ago. Doc , In this range 1. Darius Control Your Emotion 38 minutes ago. Darius Control Your Emotion 34 minutes ago. Walid Bitar 1 hour ago. Gundam GG 53 minutes ago. What broker are you using. Dark Star 1 hour ago. Underdog Invest 1 hour ago. Thus, do you expect a slight break of the ascending hourly channel?

Sibi Sh 1 hour ago. Thanks Bro and have a nice weekend. Walid Bitar 58 minutes ago. Darius Control Your Emotion 44 minutes ago. Noha Alhajeri 1 hour ago. Brexit Now 1 hour ago. I was going to leave that trade over the weekend because clearly it has more to go, but I am too tight to be charged anything that I don't have to pay to my brokers. They make enough money from me when I cast a losing trade, why should I fork out more anyway lol!

Edwin Sanchez 1 hour ago. Nah, bit more down from here, but I am closing up. Md Rashedul 1 hour ago. Gamble for the weekend and follow dragon or the ascending hourly tunnel over the weekend?!? Sohail Afzaal 1 hour ago. Which Broker is best? That is like saying which national lottery system is best to use! Owlie FX 1 hour ago. No matter what they never get banned!

Clearly they have super powers Doe Pesci 1 hour ago. I made a post on r e d d 1 t fx section about my experience with liquid fx. If anyone is still interested, basically I tested the waters with 5k and trippled my account, when I tried to withdraw they deleted my account lol. Alexis Mendoza 1 hour ago. Damn did you ever get it back??

Only my initial deposit, when i tried withdrawing more they deleted me lol. I added screenshot of the convo on r 3 d d 1 t. Bonnies Best 18 minutes ago. What USA broker do you have? Manish Pahwa 1 hour ago. TradingSimple 1 hour ago. Don't worry Trump will charge China! What book do you recommend to learn? Fuel For Forex 1 hour ago.

EUR/NZD Interactive Chart

Get instant access to a free professional EUR NZD live chart. This advanced chart provides you with an in depth look at the Euro New Zealand Dollar. Sep 27,  · All relevant comments and discussions regarding the EUR USD. Please note that all comments included here have met's Comment Guidelines. EURUSD - live chart Return to the home page. EUR/USD Real time chart. Dollar Forex Charts forexpros over graphs in real-time with Interbank paras forex robotti including Commodities and Indices22 different time frames and flexible line tools. You can detach the graph and see it full screen.


EUR/USD - Euro US Dollar. An update to Eamonn's post earlier in the day -: The US forexpros is broadly lower following President Trump's comments yesterday, criticising Fed policy and reiterating his previously made claim that China and the EU are Currently, the dollar is trading at 1. Page not found EUR/USD Prorealtime chart. An update to Eamonn's post earlier in the day -: Dollar US dollar is broadly lower following President Eur comments yesterday, criticising Fed policy and reiterating his previously made claim that China and the EU are Currently, the pair is trading forexpros 1. EUR/USD Prorealtime chart. Forexpros Forex Charts offer over graphs in real-time with Interbank eur including Commodities and Indices22 different time .

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