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I reccomend Revolutuinary Trading Course over Pristine. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Please do not trade with borrowed money or money you cannot afford to lose. This business is all about making people feel stupid and luring them into a scam. This course includes extensive follow-up , to ensure that you are not left high and dry with your newfound knowledge. Thank you in advance! Trade with Transparent Professional Traders with proven track records.

Live Day Trading Room Testimonial: "This Live Trading Room is definitely worth it, the traders in it are excellent and friendly but the priority is clearly on making pips. At the end of the month I always end with positive pips balance with their closed and open trades.

Trade with Transparent Professional Traders with proven track records.

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Authentic & Transparent Live Forex Trading Room Monday- Friday 8am-1pm Live entries, exits, stop loses & education by experienced Traders-1 Week Free Trial. Engage with one of the world’s leading traders, Meir Barak, his team of analysts and other successful day traders in real time in the stock trading chat rooms. Get live education and trading support as you chat with traders. Free educational lessons in room; Daily high-probability and low risk profit-generating trade ideas; Ability to ask ANY question you want. Real Trader’s not Educators; and much more Trading Hours Start: Mon – Friday 9am – am EST GMT trading day begins each day is subjective, can finish anytime as our traders can trade morning or all day.


FREE Live Forex Trading Room Hello and welcome to my page that talks you through what you can expect when you register for my Monthly Free Forex Trading Room. Once per month, which is usually the first Monday of each month (except when there are holidays on that Monday) I spend around 2 hours in a FREE Forex trading room. Our Future’s Room provides a variety of trade set-ups and around the clock trading for those who like to trade longer. *Subscriptions are automatically renewed/monthly, You can Cancel at anytime, No Refunds. Jul 15,  · This video applies the reversal strategy to forex day trading but it can be applied to swing trading, as well as position trading because the fundamental makeup of the trade strategy holds true for all time frames in the forex market, or any other free floating market for that matter.

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