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For insight into what’s driving FX rates, index trends and commodity pricing, click on any of the markets displayed. You’ll find a host of in-depth data, including live .

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Parameters may or may not be present depending on the allowed parameters for an endpoint. A list of currency pairs that had no data for the request to spot , candle , candles and aggregated endpoints. This is dependent on both the date-time and the fields specified in the request, because some currency pairs do not have data for all fields at all date-times.

A list of tenors that had no data for the forward rates request. This will be present in the forward endpoint to include any specified tenor for which there are no data. For forward endpoints, quotes are ordered by tenor on their duration.

Fields present in each quote are dependent on the endpoint and request type, and are described below. These quotes contain bid , ask , and midpoint fields, but no other information. For both the candle and candles endpoints, a list of candles will be returned. All candles have the following date-time fields:. For the aggregated endpoint, a list of candles will be returned with slightly different date-time fields:.

All returned rates are rounded to six significant digits. For the forward endpoints, a list of forward rates will be returned containing the following fields:. V1 V2 Examples Query Builder. Real-time or historical exchange rates spot — Retrieves the current exchange rate, or the rate at a specified point in time Required parameters: Forward exchange rates forward — Retrieves one forward curve over the given tenor set for the specified currency pair Required parameters: The examples page has basic examples of each of these endpoints.

It can be one of the following values: The forward endpoint requires exactly one base currency. The forward endpoint requires exactly one quote currency. It can take one of the following values depending on your plan: The spot and forward endpoints are not allowed. For candle , candles and aggregated endpoints, date-time fields should be midnight aligned.

Response Fields Some response information differs between the endpoints. Meta Data Meta data for the request is only returned when json or xml are specified for the output format.

Quotes The quotes field contains a list of all the data objects returned for the request. Candles For both the candle and candles endpoints, a list of candles will be returned.

All candles have the following date-time fields: Other fields in each candle are dependent on the requested fields parameter. Aggregated Candles For the aggregated endpoint, a list of candles will be returned with slightly different date-time fields: The receiving account has to be held in the chosen currency. Delivery time 24 hours. Add credit to your recipient's phone for calls or SMS. NEW Azimo Business The fast, convenient and low-cost international payment platform for your business.

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12 rows · Latest Currency Rates in Pakistan for all major currencies updated in real-time. Find PKR . (By contrast, the OANDA Rates ™ shown by OANDA’s other currency tools are averages calculated once a day.) The live rates on this page are updated every five seconds, but note that real-time rates used by currency traders are updated more frequently. In Pakistan, Imports and other international trade deals done in US$ Dollar, therefore, it is one stop place to find live and updated currency interbank rates, international forex .


Forex rates page in finance section of is designed to provide individuals or investors who specially doing online trading in forex exchange rates in Pakistan. provides fresh and up to date currency exchange prices in Pakistan of open market, . Today’s AED to PKR Rate updated in live in real-time from Open Exchange Rates worldwide and in Pakistan. Get latest and up to date UAE Dirham to PKR Pakistani rupees exchange rate along with percentage increase/decrease in price rate. Live forex quotes to find out exactly where currencies last traded in the interbank market. Live rates will help you trade the forex market in real-time or exchange currencies in the market place. Check the latest prices or use live forex charts to help you make trading decisions and take advantage of the liquidity in foreign exchange.

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